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Species1470 Euzophera pinguis, (Haworth, 1811)
Taxon stageLarva
Time of yearMay to August
FoodplantsAsh, Fraxinus excelsior
TipDuring the whole of the summer months the larvae inhabit the living bark of ash, frequently pollard-trees, never affecting any dead or decayed portions of a tree nor penetrating into the wood. It does not eat far into the bark, however thick, and a few long black grains of frass block the entrance. The frass is characteristic, and should be looked for when searching a tree on any projecting bosses, as well as on the spreading foot, for stray grains of frass detected below afford a good clue to the situation of the mine above (Buckler) [Tutt]
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CreatedMon 16-May-2005Last updatedMon 16-May-2005