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Species724 Metzneria lappella, (Linnaeus, 1758)
Taxon stageLarva
Time of yearJanuary to February
FoodplantsGreater Burdock, Arctium lappa
TipLarvae can be obtained in the seed-heads of burdock. [Tutt]
DetailThe larva pupates in the seed-head.
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CreatedSun 22-Jan-2006Last updatedMon 8-May-2006


724 Metzneria lappella
Larva in seedhead of burdock - Newbourne Springs, Suffolk (25.ii.2006) © A Prichard


Tony Prichard, - Sat 25-Feb-2006 18:35

The larva feeds on the seeds and appears to spin several together, so that when looking through the seed-heads if a hard clump of seeds is found then this usually indicates the presence of a larva. Splitting this clump apart will reveal the white larva.