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Species488 Goniodoma limoniella, (Stainton, 1884)
Taxon stageLarva
Time of yearJanuary to mid March
FoodplantsCommon Sea-lavender, Limonium vulgare
TipCollect the stems of sea-lavender for the larvae. The larvae feed on the flowers, eating out one of the petals and using it as a case, in which the larva moves about till full-fed in December, then, crawling down the stem it eats its way inside, covering up the small hole with a slight web, soon after which the case drops off (Elisha). [Tutt]
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CreatedWed 28-Dec-2005Last updatedThu 29-Dec-2005


488 Goniodoma limoniella
Larval case fixed on stem of sea-lavender at pupation site - Boyton, Suffolk (19.iii.2006) © A Prichard


Tony Prichard, UK - Sun 19-Mar-2006 18:00

Some cases can still be found attached to the stem