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Species294 Aspilapteryx tringipennella, (Zeller, 1839)
Taxon stageLarva
Time of yearlate March to June
FoodplantsRibwort Plantain, Plantago lanceolata
TipLarvae betray their presence by causing the leaves to contract through being mined down the centre, with large bladdery mines. The larvae do not quit their mines to pupate. [Tutt]
DetailThe larvae are in abundance in leaves of Ribwort Plantain at Castle Hill, Scarborough (and elsewhere) (Elisha). [Tutt]
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CreatedSun 22-May-2005Last updatedTue 25-Apr-2006


294 Aspilapteryx tringipennella294 Aspilapteryx tringipennella
Mine on Ribworth Plantain - Sizewell, Suffolk (27.iv.2003) © A Prichard
Mine on Ribworth Plantain - Thorpeness, Suffolk (13.iv.2004) © A Prichard